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We will raise a total of $5 million through various sources to get Hackert0wn completely up and running with all of the facilties. Since the shipping containers are modular, this project can easilly be divided into phases and expand to include more space for each facility. As spaces are built out, our website will evolve to provide more information of the working facility.

What have we done so far?

  • We have selected a location that is properly zoned and culturally poised for a custom build of up to seven stories of shipping containers. The bulk of our fundraising efforts will go towards the purchase of this property from a local family who delights in the prospect of a community centered project transforming their old chain fenced parking lot into an ecosystem for innovation and education.
  • We are actively reaching out to our favorite suppliers to put their wares on the first floor of Hackert0wn. The retail area will start out a full seven container capacity and will provide the income to Hackert0wn to expand month by month until the goals in this plan are met. We also have a Hackert0wn General Store for reselling top hacker related products like Adafruit products, Arduinos, and Digikeys.
  • On our team we have an experienced architect in shipping container design. He will also be acting as our general contractor and advisor to ensure that all permits and codes are processed correctly and swiftly and all opportunities for incentives, such as Mayor Bloomberg's PlaNYC Green Initiatives for Sustainable Communities cutting down typical permit wait times from 12 months to 6 months.
  • Community voices are being heard. Hackert0wn's plans have evolved from the throng of men and women, boys and girls, who want a place to innovate and be a part of making this new world as it changes from grey to green. You, the person reading this right now, are the one that is building Hackert0wn. With your ideas, feedback and support, we are getting to the next step in making this ambitious project a reality.
  • We now have $70,000 of soft commits for this raise of $130,000 convertible debt note.
  • Contact sean @ hackert0wn.com for more info.

Who will run Hackert0wn once it is built?

Hackert0wn is intended to be mostly self sustaining and require minimum maintenance. A mixture of volunteers and hired staff will tend to facilities. A management team will work closely with the founders and Board of Directors as they are refined throughout the funding process.