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The green roof will harness the sun's energy using solar panels as well as the wind through vertical wind turbines and send it to the fuel cells. The solar panels will also heat up hot water for usage. The roof will have event space as well as planter beds connected to the aquaponic system. The roof will also be designed to maximize rainwater collection from every aspect of the surface.
Vertical Wind Turbines

Vertical Wind Turbines

Vertical wind turbines will provide an estimated 140,000 watts per hour. Each turbine is rated at 14,000 watts per hour and we will have 10 of them on the roof. Image (cc) Anders Sandberg
Solar Panel Array

Solar Panel Array

Every surface that gets direct sunlight will be covered in solar panels, estimated to produce at least 200,000 watts of continuous power. Image (cc) David Blaikie
Community Plant Beds

Community Plant Beds

The Green Roof will provide several community plant beds that are connected to the aquaponic watering system.
Image (cc) U.S. Department of Agriculture


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