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Each of our 24 retail stores are integral to the Hackert0wn ecosystem offering everything a hacker needs to keep their projects going. Whether it's a stepper motor for your RepRap or one of those little chips made in China that cost more for shipping then they did to manufacture, our stores will stock what inventors need most so you'll always have that electronic component or specialized part when you need it. Run down to the next container and back up to the lab with that otherwise hard to find linear bearing and stay in the groove.

Interested in having a shop at Hackert0wn? Simply contact us and let us know what type of business you can offer to hackers. This is a first come first served basis.

Companies can lease a 10'x7' space and put their business on the ground floor of Hackert0wn and benefit from the neighborhood's cross sectional foot traffic. In addition to supplying all types of hardware, our marketplace will also include a dumpling shop, coffee shop, general store, fresh produce store, an art supply store, hacker clothing store and laundromat. You can stay as long as you want, we've got you covered. Some ideas for companies that may have a store or stock their products are:

Robotic Coffee Shop

Robotic Coffee Shop

Text your preference for coffee to our system, and pick up your perfectly prepared coffee as you walk by Hackert0wn. We're even working on an app that will have your coffee's last drop ready by the time you get here.

General Store

General Store

We'll have tools, supplies and all types of electronic kits and components from various manufacturers and prototypes and crafts from local makers. Pick up a Raspberry Pi, Arduino or shield anytime.

Dip A Dumpling

Dip A Dumpling

Have a bite to eat at Brooklyn's premier dumpling shop! A full selection of savory and desert dumplings are available including fish dumplings from our Hackert0wn grown Tilapia.

Produce Store

Produce Store

Farm fresh produce from our aquaponics FarmLand. Competitive prices and variety are simply the best.


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